The free bylt: PASSPORT™ is your digital twin profile and gateway for use in our SOS platform where you control the data. Users are able to join and most users that are 14 years or older in most areas are legal to work/learn as well. Use it to learn, build, work. Hybrids and groups that include integrated project management, communication, networking, commerce and more. With it allows yourself, employees, companies, truckers, products or services to be found through our emerging industry, markets and partner channels. Access apps, Bylt™ search engine, and the rest of the industries, groups and people with integrated communications and geospatial features. Bylt: Strives for open data engagement and user control of environment and finance.

Network, Get a job, Start a project, Invest in a project and or receive RFQ’s, RFP’s, ITB’s, RFI’s,  and RFT’s through a single channel while communicated with all stakeholders and on demand people or products involved. Having a free bylt: PASSPORT™ is a simple digital gateway built on open source technology providing our members or members products complete control of their data, experience, and shared data.

Bylt: PASSPORT ™ gives our users control of their data rather then 1 company or multiple. Members enjoy a free membership to NAICP (North American Institute Of Construction Professionals)  or other group or industry vertical groups where your vote actually counts. Where the members vote on data and benefit related issues. Also available for any benefits, mediation, deletion or standard issue support.

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Bylt: Social Connect

Directly from your website your users or visitor will have instant access to organized usable data such as services, experience, products, specifications, objects and assets. Showing availability with the ability to contract on demand through our Social OS™ or PASSPORT API™.

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