Registering for a Bylt: PASSPORT™ also lets you enter the Bylt: Social Digital Twin Operating System & Commerce platform as a service. Explore companies, causes, research, search, projects, models, digital twins, assets and or investments on your devices or BYLT’s Tablets, Cold Phones, Technician AR Projection Spectacle, VR/AR Glasses, Contacts And More. Bylt: PASSPORT™ is your license and protection in a digital world. It gives our user clients data protection and maintenance of the users products or profiles. Also allowing asset owners including equipment, robotics, vehicles, building and facility members secure control of building and facility models including access control, project management, climate, environment and more. Collaboration, Sharing, Tracking, Protections and Sales. Bylt utilizes several different types of interactive sensor and electrical wave technology ranging from Infrared to RFID and more.

How Do Products And Assets Work?

Track products from the design phase to pos and beyond. Allowing your end holistic access, data, connected product option with it’s history as well. Allowing interplanetary geospatial connected tracking and procurement for years to come where ever the product goes it is decentralized, but owned and protected, and contains self stored encrypted/decrypted data with connectivity; whether lumber, plastic, hardware, concrete, paint or other products, aggregates and materials without a barcode or upc needed. Aggregated, Tracked, Fused, Modular, Connected.

Profiles act almost as your resume. Professionals, Employees, Employees & Companies take their aggregated portfolio, skills, and experience with their profile where ever they go or work. Same goes for Products, Materials, Services or Projects. Bylt: Social OS offers auto aggregations and bundling into searchable assets and resources for use in concept, design, specifications, bidding, servicing, and management organized holistically for use case vertical industries in Private, Public, CSI, U.S. DOT, State D.O.T, And Military formats.

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